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Making a vase for on the wall…

step one

Buy or find a piece of wood to use that is in proportion to the jar, which you also need to find or buy. If you are like me you will have the chance to recycle one. Make sure the jar (or use a vase) has a lip on the top. Paint the wood however you would like it.

step two

Position the jar on the wood and drill two holes on either side at the the base of the opening.

step three

Wrap steel wire around the lip of the jar a few times and twist it once until it’s secure.  Position the jar so that it’s lined up on the wood and poke the ends through the small holes that you drilled.  Wrap them together in the back and clip any extra wire.

step four

Drill two additional holes at the top of the wood and wrap a second piece of steel wire through leaving a large loop at the top.  Twist the ends around the base and clip off the extra wire.

Add water and flowers then hang it up.  Dried or imitation flowers could also be used.

It really was that simple! Fun to make :)

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